Terms of use

Sending and receiving order online online, it is necessary to take in mind the following terms before entering your information and / or your order. Please read carefully!
· The minimum standards that should have your browser (browsers) to order through our website is: Internet Explorer 8, Mozilla Firefox2, Safari 4 or later enabled the performance JavaScript.
· Change or cancel the order after sending is not done.
· The customer unconditionally accepts only electronic transmission of tax data resulting from the completion of orders through this platform
· Orders and contact information of customers who order for the first time can be confirmed by telephone. For this reason, please indicate on your online order the delivery address phone so we can call you back to confirm.
· The D’Angelo can not guarantee the uninterrupted operation of dangelo.com.gr and bears no responsibility for any technical failure or any other use of the www.dangelo.com.gr
· dangelo.com.gr deliver meals for immediate consumption. Each meal should be consumed immediately after delivery.
· All our dishes are made with love in common but spaces and can be a possibility to come into contact with allergens If you suffer from a severe food allergy, please consult your doctor if safe considers eating our food.
Protection of Personal Data
The use of the services provided by www.dangelo.com.gr including service online order of dangelo.com.gr products necessitates communication possibility with you. It is therefore necessary when you sign it to indicate the true your data will be requested such name, email address, mailing address, phone. By registering at www.dangelo.com.gr and entering the requested data you consent to the collection, use and processing of your personal data voluntarily enter for the purposes disclosed below.
The dangelo.com.gr collect and keep only the personal data you disclose to the introduction of the requested information in the appropriate fields and / or your answers as above but in the context of specific actions carried out by the dangelo.com.gr and ye voluntarily participate.
Purpose of the collection, use and processing of your personal data you provide to the company, is to provide the services and products you request via the website, for the reception of which requires the use and / or processed eg online orders and the sale and promotion of products and services provided by dangelo.com.gr particularly through www.dangelo.com.gr In providing these services and products the dangelo.com.gr have the right to use the contact details that are known for sending information messages about products and services and relevant offers and / or communications.
Should not your personal data longer wish to use for sending such information by dangelo.com.gr you can send an email to info @ dangelo.com.gr the email address that you provide when you sign indicating “NOT I WISH TO RECEIVE INFORMATION MATERIAL “.
If desired, you can apply at any time to inquire about your personal data held by the dangelo.com.gr, their recipients, the purpose of the maintenance and the processing and modification, correction or deletion by sending relevant e mail at info @ dangelo.com.gr of electronic communication address which you have registered, attaching a copy of your identity card.
The personal data you disclose to dangelo.com.gr via www. dangelo.com.gr either during registration or at a later stage, collected and treated in use and processing in accordance with the applicable provisions on the protection of personal data and in particular, according to the provisions of the 2472/1997 and Law. 3471/2006, as applicable.
Access to personal data is permitted only to authorized persons who require access in order to enable the completion of the purpose of the collection, use and processing, as is acknowledged by these terms. In this context the dangelo.com.gr reserves the right to provide authorized access and / or right to use and processing of your personal data to third legal or natural persons involved in the execution of the processing is assigned.
The dangelo.com.gr reserves the right to use the information which you disclose through www. dangelo.com.gr in a way that is not possible to identify or facial revelation concern for statistical, promotional, research or promotional purposes, disclosing them to third persons eg research companies responsible for the completion of the above objectives.
The dangelo.com.gr reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions by posting them on www. dangelo.com.gr
Subscribe to and / or use of services provided via dangelo.com.gr an unconditional acceptance of these terms of use.
Booking a table
30 euro per person is the price to reserve a table (minimum spend) and it will go towards your final bill. Please show the voucher that you have prepaid when you arrive at the restaurant so the amount will be removed from your bill upon payment. Table reservation is non-refundable in the event of cancellation or no-show.